To Arlington!

As a way to celebrate Earth Day and learn more about how I can continue to limit my impact on the environment, I stopped by Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment’s Green Living Expo this past weekend. Last year I showcased my Nissan Leaf at the event, but this year I went just to relax and learn some new things.

It was 65 miles RT, starting from my home in Gainesville.  This put the trip in the top 5 longest distances traveled sans charging.

Some details about my drive. I finished with 27 miles of range left on the dash, which would have given me 92 miles of total range. My driving conditions were mixed with approximately 9 miles driven on RT 66 at 55 miles per hour and 56 miles driven an average of 35 miles per hour, consisting of mostly city driving. There was a decent bit of elevation change throughout the drive and there were 2 others  in the car with me – my wife and my son.

I should also point out that I was in ECO mode the whole trip, though I am not sure how much benefit ECO mode really provides. It’s safe to say that I easily surpassed the EPA’s estimated 73 mile range.

6 thoughts on “To Arlington!

    • Al,

      It is fine with highway speeds. Every weekend Jenn and I go to Whole Foods in Fairfax on 66. It is roughly 20 miles each way and we have plenty of range to do so. I think the consensus among owners is anything below 65 is optimal, and 55 is probably the most efficient highway speed. This is the same for gas powered cars.

  1. Al,

    There are always people who will speed by you. I stay in the right lane and generally don’t have problems. The biggest problem I have is with slowing to a light. As you know, I regen power back to the battery, so it behooves me to coast and lightly apply brakes. This is something that is not always well received.

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