Posted in May 2012

Who’s the idiot?

I love my Nissan Leaf. I love owning an electric vehicle (EV), and believe it or not it has made me love driving again. Even today, with the increasing availability of EVs and the public track record of so many owners, some with 60,000 miles logged, purchasing an EV still takes a lot of work. … Continue reading

Manassas City Utilities Public Comments

Last week I took the opportunity to address the Manassas City Utility Commission regarding their public charging stations. Manassas has recently debuted public charging stations for EVs and PHEVs. Here’s the gist of my address. Don’t trust that data! Two years from now, the city of Manassas will review usage data on each charger. The conclusion that … Continue reading

Buying Any Car Requires Due Diligence

Buying any car requires due diligence. When making a vehicle purchase you need to think about how that vehicle fits your lifestyle, budget, and needs. There has been a lot of talk about the need for a public charging infrastructure before we can expect adoption by the early majority, a threshold many believe is needed … Continue reading

Former Gas Station Converts to New Fuel

In the Bulfinch Triangle area of downtown Boston something very cool is happening. A defunct gas station is being given new life as a parking structure equipped with smart grid enabled EVSE/charging stations for electric vehicles (EV). Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) commonly known as chargers, will supply free juice to EVs while hybrid car … Continue reading