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To Arlington!

As a way to celebrate Earth Day and learn more about how I can continue to limit my impact on the environment, I stopped by Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment’s Green Living Expo this past weekend. Last year I showcased my Nissan Leaf at the event, but this year I went just to relax and learn some new things. It was 65 miles RT, starting from my home in Gainesville.  This put … Continue reading

On To DC

Recently my wife and I headed into Washington, DC from our home in Gainesville, VA. The drive was 37.1 miles each way, probably on the upper end of what is a comfortable range for the car, but we made it back to our house in with 27 miles of range showing on the dash. With … Continue reading

Apple Picking with the Leaf

My wife and I decided to take our son to his first pick you own farm experience to pick apples. The destination was Hollin Farms in Fauquier County. While not the farthest distance we have traveled in the Leaf, heading west (along I-66) from our home in Gainesville, VA meant there were no options for … Continue reading

A Frustrating Experience

I planned on driving to DC to pick up family from Union Station. While technically the car’s range can get me to and from DC on a single charge (it is 78 miles RT), I knew I would have a car full of people and luggage so I decided to charge when I got to … Continue reading