Posted in March 2012

Rockin’ the Green Event Scene

Recently I attended the Green Living Expo held by Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment. I was invited to bring my Nissan Leaf as part of a show and tell which included a Chevy Volt and Arlington’s own Toyota Prius. The Green Living Expo gave attendees a chance to see my car up-close and ask questions … Continue reading

Starck’s Minimalist EV

As someone who considers himself an environmentalist, minimalism is usually something I am in favor of, but when it comes to Phillippe Starck’s minimalist EV, the V+ Volteis, minimalism in this sense is clearly a negative. In a Wall Street Journal article designer Phillippe Starck says, “cars are an extraordinary reflection of the intelligence of our … Continue reading

Local Charging Stations Hit VA and DC!

DC and VA’s ariports both now have public charging stations! In VA, the’re located at Dulles and in DC the’re located at Reagan National. Both airports’ charging stations are supplied by ChargePoint. Just the Facts Free to the public through 2013 (you still need to pay parking fees to access the parking garage – where … Continue reading