Your Clothes, American Made

In light of the recent tragedy in Bangladesh, here is a short list of designers and manufactures of clothing that is made in America. One thing I noticed when trying to buy American is that finding a list of designers with the total manufacturing process in the US is a complicated process. Here are some of my favorites. Sword & Plough … Continue reading

To Arlington!

As a way to celebrate Earth Day and learn more about how I can continue to limit my impact on the environment, I stopped by Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment’s Green Living Expo this past weekend. Last year I showcased my Nissan Leaf at the event, but this year I went just to relax and learn some new things. It was 65 miles RT, starting from my home in Gainesville.  This put … Continue reading

The Future of the Chevy Volt

Changes are coming to the Chevy Volt, and not just design changes. From recent reports, there are two main possibilities being floated for the next generation Volt. The first is reducing the range –  internal studies indicate that current owners don’t need the estimated 50 mile electric range the car currently offers. The second is increasing the electric range. Speculation is to 60 miles. So far there hasn’t been anything solid on what a smaller battery would provide for … Continue reading

Let’s Not Get Excited

Lately the media is back to predicting the end of electric vehicles (EV). Turns out their reasons for the demise of the EV are inaccurate and like most doomsday predictions, lack context, a lot of it. So let’s provide that context. “After more than 100 years of development and several brief revivals, the electric car still is … Continue reading