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Manassas Town Hall/National Plug In Day

I had the pleasure of speaking to residents of Manassas, including the mayor and city officials, regarding National Plug In Day. I am the City Captain for Northern Virginia, and as such, I am managing an event at the Manassas Museum. National Plug In Day this year will be September 23rd and will feature three … Continue reading

What They Didn’t Say

This morning I brought my 2012 Nissan Leaf in for its 6 month service appointment – the first since buying the car last year. It was really more of a scheduled check up since the car requires virtually no maintenance. They rotated my tires. In case you’re wondering, everything with the car Is fine, or … Continue reading

Who’s the idiot?

I love my Nissan Leaf. I love owning an electric vehicle (EV), and believe it or not it has made me love driving again. Even today, with the increasing availability of EVs and the public track record of so many owners, some with 60,000 miles logged, purchasing an EV still takes a lot of work. … Continue reading

Rockin’ the Green Event Scene

Recently I attended the Green Living Expo held by Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment. I was invited to bring my Nissan Leaf as part of a show and tell which included a Chevy Volt and Arlington’s own Toyota Prius. The Green Living Expo gave attendees a chance to see my car up-close and ask questions … Continue reading