A Smart Solution

I think anyone can appreciate the need for a fresh approach to solving transportation funding in Virginia, but the Governor’s latest proposal makes for simply bad policy. Governor McDonnell’s proposal would ax the current 17.5 cent tax on gasoline, replacing the lost revenue by increasing the state’s sales tax, increasing renewals by $15 per year, and adding a $100 fee for owning a hybrid or electric vehicle (EV). To understand why this is bad policy, we need to first understand the problem. That problem … Continue reading

Turning Over a New Leaf

Nissan recently announced an updated version of its first generation Nissan Leaf electric vehicle (EV). This update to me, is more than just your standard car update, it signifies that Nissan is serious about EVs. You can read all about it the changes to the 2013 model here. This post is all about  highlighting what makes … Continue reading

My 1 Year Battery Check

Last week I took my Nissan Leaf in for its first of three annual battery checks. While owning an electric vehicle (EV) means there’s minimal maintenance required, the battery check is one of those very important minimal maintenance requirements. It’s basically a test to gauge how you are using the battery – charging, discharging (driving), … Continue reading

Bad Karma: Part II

In my first post on this blog, I “reviewed” the Fisker Karma, a Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). The post, while recognizing some unique design and build features, was largely bearish on the car; citing the exorbitant cost and limited electric range among other things, that make the car a poor ambassador for electrified vehicles. … Continue reading