Apple Picking with the Leaf

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My wife and I decided to take our son to his first pick you own farm experience to pick apples. The destination was Hollin Farms in Fauquier County. While not the farthest distance we have traveled in the Leaf, heading west (along I-66) from our home in Gainesville, VA meant there were no options for charging the car should we run out of juice.

The round-trip distance was 61 miles, well within the car’s range, but heading to Hollin Farms meant lots of elevation; our starting elevation was approx. 345 ft.  and ending elevation was approx. 712 ft. Elevation like that can have a big impact on the car’s range.

We started out with a full charge (100 miles) and made it home with 27 miles of range showing on the dash. It should be noted that our driving speed averaged of 45 miles per hour.


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