What They Didn’t Say

This morning I brought my 2012 Nissan Leaf in for its 6 month service appointment – the first since buying the car last year. It was really more of a scheduled check up since the car requires virtually no maintenance. They rotated my tires.

In case you’re wondering, everything with the car Is fine, or “perfect”, according to the tech. The status report I received tells one part of the story, but in no way the whole story.  Here’s what they missed.


The amount of money saved by not buying gas (after adding electricity costs). *

150 Minutes

The amount of time I saved by not visiting the gas station.*

Peace Of Mind

What I earned by not worrying about what the price of gas will be today.

DISCLAIMER: Peace of mind can’t be measured.

* Savings based on an average of $350.00 per month spent on gas.
* Saving based on an average of 5 minutes per fill up.


4 thoughts on “What They Didn’t Say

  1. Kayne, My favorite statistic is the 150 minutes that you saved by not visiting the gas station. That time really adds up when you think about it.

    As for the Peace of Mind dividend, as the popular commercial says… priceless!

  2. Well, since getting my LEAF I’ve spent no time at the pump but maybe 2 hours once, 2 hours another time, an hour another time just trying to get enough charge to get home so overall gasoline, well, let’s be fair now, it’s a 15 minute drive to CostCo, 10 minutes queuing, 5 minutes gassing up then 15 minutes back to where I started. Okay, fine, the LEAF still wins! And $350.00 per month on petrol? Okay, that’s not what I used to spend. About one tank (17½ gallons full, but about 16 gallons per week) at $50.00 per tank means only about $200.00 for the 375 or so miles a month I drive. Given that, you must drive closer to 650 mi per week and if so, you must be charging at work with your LEAF and thus more power to you; I wish I could do that!!

    But either way, well done my good friend Kayne! For sure we’re gonna plan a wonderful Plug-In America Northern Virginia!

    • Thanks for the comment. I actually don’t drive that much in a week, but I did switch from a Nissan Frontier, which was averaging 19 miles per gallon combined. So, understanding that, you can see how I could save some serious cash. I do average close to 60 miles a day.

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