Manassas City Utilities Public Comments

Last week I took the opportunity to address the Manassas City Utility Commission regarding their public charging stations. Manassas has recently debuted public charging stations for EVs and PHEVs.

Here’s the gist of my address.

Don’t trust that data! Two years from now, the city of Manassas will review usage data on each charger. The conclusion that data will lead decision makers to is probably one of little or no benefit to having public charging available. If reached, that conclusion will be wrong, and here’s why. Public chargers are being installed with little thought on where and why to install them in the first place. Because of this, EV owners will neglect to use the stations, since they don’t fit their charging needs.

Why don’t they meet EV owners’ needs? EV owners are looking for places to charge that allow them to be plugged in for at least two hours, providing the kind of charge that will allow for at least 30 miles of range. Plugging into a charger for anything less will result in 15 – 20 miles of range, hardly a reason to make a special trip to Manassas.

The only viable placement of public charging in Manassas at the moment is in the parking garage at the Virginia Railway station. It is conceivable that someone could plug in while parked in the garage, presumably during work. While this does make sense, it assumes EV owners are driving to Manassas from a distance of + 45 miles, since anything less wouldn’t necessitate a charge to make it home. That would be the equivalent of someone driving from Front Royal to Manassas. Not likely.


2 thoughts on “Manassas City Utilities Public Comments

  1. I’m possibly an exception but may now buy an EV based on the charging station at the VRE station. Many of us commute from outside Manassas (Culpeper for me) and have not bought an EV due to not having a charger at public transportation locations such as the VRE.

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