Rockin’ the Green Event Scene

Recently I attended the Green Living Expo held by Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment. I was invited to bring my Nissan Leaf as part of a show and tell which included a Chevy Volt and Arlington’s own Toyota Prius.

The Green Living Expo gave attendees a chance to see my car up-close and ask questions ranging from battery capacity (100 miles per charge) to how hard was it getting used to a totally quiet car (really hard). While I had the opportunity to discuss many theories regarding electric vehicle (EV) adoption, one discussion in particular stuck with me. It started off with, as many discussions on EVs do, about range. The guy wanted to buy a Leaf but just knew that a 100 mile range would not suit his driving needs.

This is not the first time I have heard this. In almost all discussions I have on range 99% of the person’s driving is less than 100 miles per day, much less actually. While there are a number of hurdles to mass EV adoption, the biggest may be our mindset.

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